Ota City's Excellent Factory and All-Round Achiever awards
In Ota, a city with a substantial number of manufacturing works significantly even on a global scale, there are over 4,700 industrial sites in current operation. Yukojo, or "Excellent Factory," is a label given to Ota factories that are people-friendly and city-friendly and that have excelled in technology and technique as well as management. Our achievements in technological and technical improvement and product quality assurance are widely acclaimed and we have been presented with the Excellent Factory Award label of recognition from the factory town of Ota City, with the prize of All-Round Achiever Award, for both 2002 and 2007 respectively.
Tokyo Prefecture Governor's Prize for Small and Medium Enterprise Vocational Training Development in Manufacturing - Grand Prize Winner
Tokyo Prefecture actively encourages skills development in its technicians for the improvement of technology in the city, and, especially with SMEs who are making endeavors in the development and technological acknowledgement of their technicians. The companies that have made particularly significant contributions are placed before a panel of academic experts, evaluated and commended. Mimasu Industries was the Tokyo Prefecture Governor's Prize for SMEs Vocational Training Development in Manufacturing Grand Prize Winner for 2008.
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's Small and Medium Enterprise Agency "300 Japanese Dynamic Monozukuri (Manufacturing) SMEs"
SMEs are the fountainhead of the economic activity that supports an international competitive edge in the industry for Japan through high-level manufacturing technologies. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's Small and Medium Enterprise Agency has been selecting companies for its list of "300 Japanese Dynamic Monozukuri (Manufacturing) SMEs Supporting the Japan of Tomorrow" every year since.
In 2009, Mimasu Industries received the honor of being included in the "Small and Medium Monozukuri (Manufacturing) Enterprises Supporting Japan's Innovation" list for its high-level technology and revolutionary products.
Education and Training
For the improvements of young engineers, we encourage actively the participation towards leadership training through experienced technicians and extra-company study groups and the acquiring of national technical qualifications, in addition to OJT via day-to-day work.
Apart from that, we actively seek out high-quality educational training opportunities; we have our technical masters give intra-company school events and sent our personnel to Super Meister Program of Tokyo Industrial University.