Precision Machining
Our manufacturing facilities are adequate for the high-mix volume-flexible production especially in the machining of those hard to cut materials, such as stainless steel, Ti-Alloy and Ni-alloy.
Mimasu is continuously striving to improve both our technology and technique under the philosophy "constant endeavors in uncompromising manufacturing."
Based on the superior engineering expertise and skilled professionals, as well as the latest model of the CAD/CAM and multi-axis facilities, Mimasu provides highly complex machining with strict dimensional control.
Vacuum Heat Treatment
Our heat treatment facilities and operations conform to the AMS2750 and AMS2759 as well as MIL-H-6875. Combining our in-house heat treatment operations into our whole manufacturing package, we stay close to customers' demands for the stable quality, short term delivery and reducing traveling costs.
We have acquired accreditations from a number of prime aerospace manufacturers including Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. and Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.
Assembly/Overhaul Services
Our attention has further extended to unit assembly, as well as maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) in aviation industry. Our qualified engineers handle the unit assembly, analysis, and servicing and repairs of a wide range of aerospace hydraulic equipments (pump and motors) and power transmission units (gear box). These operations are worked out under an appropriate work environment in the clean-room.
Supply Chain Management
Mimasu provides the total solution for production through a supply chain management group the "AMATERAS", which consist of 10 companies which obtain intensive experience and qualifications in each processing fields especially in aerospace industry. Working together as team, we provide a package of specialized machine and/or special processing which will complement our in-house production. It's all about combining cutting-edge capabilities and technology with an integrated supply chain to add manufacturing velocity to our customers.
Quality Management, Certification/Accreditation
Quality Management
Mimasu is engaged in the industries which require maintaining and upholding safety and security accountability for the products through strict quality control to every single step of production activities. For this reason, we have obtained the ISO9001 and JIS Q 9100 (AS and EN 9100 equivalent) quality management system.
Ensuring all of us are fully involved and empowered to attain continual improvements in quality, we place extra attention to the commitment to meet both quality and regulatory requirements placed on every single lot of our products.
Mimasu acquired a wide range of certifications and accreditations from many prime and vender customers for our facilities and personnel. These include the inspection of machine processed products, non-destructive testing of heat treatment products, and the repairs and servicing diagnoses, assembly and maintenance of aerospace equipment. In order to obtain further confidence from our customers, we are currently in the process of acquiring the relevant Nadcap accreditation.
List of Certifications
Process Standard(s) Recognition By
Vacuum Heat Treatment AMS2750
Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd.,
Fuji HeavyIndustries Ltd.
Magnetic ParticlesInspection ASTM-E-1444 Fuji HeavyIndustries Ltd.
Dimension Measurement Inspection Certified Measuring Staff IHI Corporation (Soma Works)
Soldering Tokyo Keiki Inc.
Assembly/Overhaul Fuji HeavyIndustries Ltd.,
Tokyo Keiki Inc.